jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

Final Project


Personal Reflection

Well at this level five I learned many positive things that make me valuable knowledge.
I learned new words, more adjectives and new ways to ask questions.
I also learned to work group. I made new friends. They are Ana Nuñez and Anna Huang. They are my classmates.
In terms of technology and materials, I use the English book, and I use the book's web site for my homework. For practice I use the blog, and the Internet.

I really like this English class because is very dynamic and different from to the other classes. I also like this class because you learn new things and to use new learning resources, In general this class is very innovative.

miércoles, 1 de diciembre de 2010

NAME: Isamar A Quevedo M
BIRTHDAY: April 15, 1991
MY SCHOOLING: I studied in a kinder garden called Los Pio Pio. I studied in school from first to sixth grade at “Juan Fernandez de León”.  I studied in a public high school. “José Vicente de Unda" is the largest high school in my hometown. I graduated from high school in 2007. Now I'm in the fifth quarter. I study Public accounting at URBE.

HOBBIES: I like watching TV and listening to music especially the romantic music, sometimes read an interesting book.
PERSONALITY: I am a very quiet and reserved but at the same time I like to have fun. Sometimes I'm a shy person. I am very dreamy and I like to make new friends.
PLANS AFTER GRADUATION: I will graduate in two years. After Graduation, I want to work in a company and be a successful businesswoman; also I want my own home and business. Someday I'd love to know Paris, also able to speak another language.
In the future I want to marry and raise a family

miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010

Memories of High School

I studied high school at "Jose Vicente de Unda". This school is the biggest of my hometown. I had excellent teachers. My favorite subject was chemistry. My chemistry teacher was very funny in class. There I met very nice people. I shared a lot of time with my friends Rosimar and Mariangee. I graduated in 2007.This picture was the day of graduation.

Let's talk about food

                                                                                Orange is juicy 
                                                                               and rich in vitamin C
The French fries are Buttery and salty  

    Carrot is Healthy

                                                                          Banana is Bland and sweet
Strawberry cake is sweet
       and Delicious

People in my Life

  1. God: He is the first person in my life and grandest. He loves me for who I am , and always cares for me.
  2. My mother is so wonderful. Her name is Xiomara. She is all for me . She always is in any moment with me. She help me to make a good person. I  admire her because she is hardworking and she is The Best  mother. I want to be like her.
  3. My daddy. His Name is Rafael. He is a good person. I love him so much. He is a generous man. He likes to travel and to know new places and people.
  4. My Grandmother and My Aunt. They are part the my life. My Granmother is very funny. Her name is Isabel. Thanks Grandma for giving me a great mother. Maury is my aunt. She is very smart. I love her like my sister .

martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

My New Friends!!!

Hi everybody! Let me tell you about my two new friends.
They are my partners in English.
   Ana Nuñez is 18 years old. She studies industrial relations. She is from Venezuela and she lives in Maracaibo. Ana's hobby is to take pictures and she likes watch TV. For fun she likes go to cinema with her friends. If you want to know more about her, you can visit her blog link Ananz18.blogspot.com or visit her facebook Ana Y Nuñez.
   Other of My new friend is from Taishan, China but she lives in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Her name is Anna Huang. She is 24 years old and she studies Business Administration. Anna likes to travel and to know other places. Anna's hobby is read books and she likes go to visit mall for fun. You can visit her Blog link Anna8_8.blogspot.com and to know more about her or you can found her in facebook as Anna Huang.

Tell me, What do you think my new friends?
I also would like to know about your Friends, so you can tell me about them.
With love Isa!!!